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Bintelli Beyond

Street-Legal Golf Carts at Beach Better Golf Carts

Bintelli Beyond 4PR Lifted LSV

Binitelli Beyond 4PR LSV

Binitelli Beyond 6PR Lifted LSV

Binitelli Beyond 6PR LSV

Bintelli Beyond Carts are street legal golf carts and can be driven on roads with a speed of 35 mph or less in most states. Also known as neighborhood electric vehicles, you have probably seen these street legal golf carts on college campuses, military bases, resorts, and in residential neighborhoods. These golf carts are deemed legal on the streets because they are equipped with headlights, brake lights, turn signals, seat belts, mirrors, windshields and wipers.

Bintelli offers the best selection of eco-friendly and cost effective carts perfect for everyday use here in the beautiful Florida panhandle. Bintelli Beyonds are BETTER because they arrive with all the modifications needed to make them street legal for Florida. Beyonds are sold with a 17-digit VIN so it's ready to insure and use immediately. No waiting around while parts get added to convert your new cart into street legal because they arrive with those modifications already completed.

Bintelli's Beyond line of street legal golf carts are ideal for use in Destin, Miramar Beach, and Santa Rosa Beach vacation rentals because of how sturdy the carts are constructed and reinforced. Aluminum frames ward off rust which means the cart will hold up longer and stay looking sharp. You'll maximize your ROI by making this savvy purchase decision which will earn you the extra bookings and 5-star reviews you're seeking. They're packed full of features such as a sound system and a back up camera that will impress your guests. Protect your net profit by purchasing a sturdy cart that can hold up against the heavier-than-average use it'll get while at your property. Specifically, Beyonds come with 14 inch wheels keeping them higher off the ground so the cart can better handle uneven stretches of pavement that is common due all the development in our area. Beyonds come standard with higher end 4 ply tires giving them the increased strength and capacity needed to withstand the construction materials that spill out onto the roads by contractors traveling between job sites. Repair bills and fees for service calls charged by property managers can be a drain on an investment property's bottom line so skip the headaches and buy a cart that's BETTER.

Even if you use the cart within a private neighborhood and don't plan to drive it on public streets it will still benefit you that the cart has all these terrific street legal safety features. Drivers and riders will enjoy them while you own the cart, and if you decide to sell the cart someday, the new owner won't have to make a bunch of costly modifications. It's already got everything it physically needs to be approved to drive on Florida public roads. That will make the cart easier to sell because it'll appeal to all buyers including those that want to drive it out of their neighborhood and onto public roads.

LED Lighting

DOT 3-Point Seat Belts

Two-Tone Premium Seats

Rear Flip Seat

DOT Street-Legal Tires

Built In Radio

Dual USB Plugs

Reverse Back-Up Camera

LED Taillights

Color-Matched Extended Roof

DOT Windshield w/Powered Wiper

LED Headlights

Diagnostics Port

Reverse Back-Up Camera & LED Display

DOT Horn

Bluetooth Sound System